Saturday, August 8, 2015

Rustic and Modern Black and White Wedding Cake

This was my first wedding cake I made without fondant. The bride wanted a more rustic, yet modern look to her cake. The family loved it, and it went well with the rest of the decorations and theme of their reception.

Because there wasn't fondant and the frosting needed to be as white as possible, my usual cream cheese buttercream wouldn't work... it's too much of a beige! I worked hard at making a white frosting, that still tasted yummy of course! Taste is the most important thing for me, decorating and the way it looks come in second place.

The bride also requested some flavors that aren't usually requested: coconut raspberry and chocolate peanut butter. I made a coconut cake, filled it with a lightly flavored coconut frosting and raspberry preserves for the top tier. The bottom tier was chocolate cake, filled with chocolate-peanut butter ganache and peanut butter cream cheese frosting. My family definitely enjoyed tasting those concoctions as I tried them out before the big day!

Also, I love taking pictures and feel that my photography skills are getting a little better as I practice... but I'm definitely not THAT good and the above photo was taken by their wedding photographer. I can only wish it were my own picture.

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