Saturday, September 12, 2015

Drum Birthday Cake

When I was in high school, I think I was a pretty good student. Teachers liked me, I'm pretty sure they did anyway... At least one of my teachers must have liked me because she became friends with my on Facebook about 5 years ago.

She saw some of the cakes I had posted on there and asked me to make an R2D2 cake for her son's birthday. And then a Lego man cake for his birthday the next year.

Then the following couple of years she asked me to make a cake, but I was pregnant and not making cakes at the time. This year, she was happy that I could do a cake for her again! She ordered the chocolate-chocolate chip cake again, and her son wanted it to be a drum cake!

They loved it, and it was worth staying up until 2:00am to finish it! I'd rather stay up late than try to work on cakes when my kids are awake. 

I'm so glad that I have kept in touch with this wonderful teacher and friend! It's fun getting to catch up with her because of these cakes!

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